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Meet William Travers, an ordinary man who accepts the extraordinary call of God to become a Methodist itinerant preacher during the early 1800s.  As one of the many circuit-riding preachers of his time that helped shape civility and morality in the American West, William discovers that the life of a circuit rider is not glamorous but remarkably eventful and rewarding.  Earthquakes, trials, and danger test the young minister's resolve as he pursues lost souls and works tirelessly in planting churches and modeling Christian compassion.

Sling Shot Circuit Rider is an engaging novel depicting the life of a traveling minister during the formative years of the American West.

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Thank you, Randy, for proving once again that God puts us where He wants us and gives us the strength to persevere."
-Steve Francis| Pastor | God's Country Cowboy Church (a review of "A Mansion for Molly" - book II in the series)

Mr. Pogue has masterfully woven fact and fiction to produce a story that is both informational and inspirational.  It is an easy read.  I recommend it highly.
-Donald Key| Director of National Missions| General Baptist Ministries

Sling Shot Circuit Rider fleshes out the rich history of Missouri's settlement days with the personal story of one young Methodist circuit rider.  One comes away feeling connected to him, the world he lived in, and his rock-solid Christian faith.  My thanks to Randy Pogue for the gift of that feeling.
-Max Marble| Director of Mission, Service and Justice Ministries| Missouri Conference, United Methodist Church

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